Achievements Require Excellent ‘Partner’

Practicing gymnastics at certain times and scheduled will certainly make a person skilled at doing the movements. Even difficult movements can be done later.  Movements such as flipping repeatedly in tumbling, as well as the attraction of cheerleaders, of course they have to practice often in doing these moves.


The movements in tumbling certainly make us feel amazed when we see the appearance of a person who flips repeatedly. Tumbling usually performs acrobatic movements, flipping repeatedly along the air tumble track.  

Have you ever watch tumbling competition?  Tumbling is a gymnastics discipline in which athletes perform a series of acrobatic skills down a 25 metres (82 ft) long sprung track.

What about the movements of cheerleaders?  Cheerleaders perform flips while they are at match events.  Flipping in the air and being able to land properly, of course they have to practice regularly.  Safety is of course very necessary . Cheerleader needs 'excellent partner' which keep safety in their somersault  exercise.

What is The Excellent Partner?

Air tumble track for gymnastics is the answer.  This tumble track is certainly needed when practicing and competing for the sport of tumbling. Meanwhile, cheerleaders usually need a tumble mat when practicing. If you need a tumble mat, of course you are looking for a good quality, durable, affordable price and when used it does not cause pain. it is also practical when used. 

Gray Air Gymnastics Track Tumbling


You can choose a suitable and safe mat for training, complementing your gym equipment or for completing. TUMBLEMAT has various products. You can check on tumble mats for gymnastics.

How to buy this air tumble track? Because you are in a different country. Of course you can order it on the TUMBLEMAT website. Although the price of this tumble mat will not include import duty and shipping costs, TUMBLEMAT  will still care to their customer orders.

Here are the things you need to pay attention to from TUMBLEMAT products:

  • The product is inflatable air gymnastic track.
  • The air tumble track is handmade and made from strength material.
  • Double Wall Fabric (DWF) is the material used for this tumble track.
  • Waterproof.
  • Each type of product is distinguished by its thickness (10 cm, 20 cm & 30 cm).
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • If during use there is damage or use for a long time, then the repair will only take 10 minutes with the help of a repair kit & video.

Why Choose Products from TUMBLEMAT

Gymnastics Track Set Air Tumbling

Of course, because TUMBLEMAT has been producing air tumble tracks for 9 years and serving orders across countries. They use good quality materials. The glue is a combination of super glue imported from South Korea. You can ask for customization of products such as style, size and color. You can even ask the name & logo to be imprinted on the air tumble track that you order. Ok, that is air tumble mat review

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  1. Wah aku baru tau mbak ada produk kaya gini. Praktis banget ya memudahkan kita. Apalagi produk2 korea ini rata-rata berkualitas tinggi

  2. Hmm, produk yang cocok nih ebagai alas olahraga. Dengan kualitas terbaik, tentu sangat menjamin keamanan saat kita ada di atasnya ya.

  3. pastinya lebih aman ya kalau olahraga pakai tumble mat kayak gini

  4. Wah.. Bagus nih produk begini. Jd ini bikinan AS ya aslinya. Jd penasaran sm tumblemat gini


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