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The Importance of Website Travel for Travelers

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It is certainly a pleasure to have the opportunity to travel & visit various tourism objects in Indonesia.  But we will be confused when not having information about our destination area while traveling. Surely we must have information about transportation, lodging, culinary also condition of the tourism object that we visit.
As a traveler, we also want to share information about various tourism objects that we have visited publicly. In this era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, the use of digital technology certainly plays a role in information publication. 

So, do not worry, the solution is now realized and we can access the solution in both the gadget and the computer. is the answer. I think it is certainly important to write a review about  so that people know there is a travel media website. This website also has the advantage of having two languages (bilingual), Bahasa Indonesia & English.

In addition to being present in two languages (bilingual), the advantages of this website also has a variety of interesting features.  One interesting feature is that we can register as a user on this website.

Benefits become User:
-routinely get newsletters sent to  email.
-we can send article posts, journals, photos & videos about our trip-certainly can be in Bahasa Indonesia also English.
When article , Journal, photo & video about our trip is approved for published by the website then we will earn points (reward point).  The points that have been collected can be exchanged for interesting prizes provided by the Fun isn't it?

If you are a traveler and always capture all your journey in the form of articles, journals, also photos & video please register as a user in order to become a contributor to Learn how to send articles, photos & videos to be published by the website and accessed by the public. Don't forget, you can also earn reward points when your article or video is published. 

The presence of as a media travelling is certainly able to reach foreign netizens. For foreign tourists who want to visit Indonesia can certainly get information about various tourism objects, culture, culinary in the English language on this blog, Travelblog ID English.

The overall features are vacation, culinary, tips & info, art & culture, event, news, other, guide, sign in & language.
Tips & Info (please click it) is what I think is most interesting.  we will get a variety of tips & info that is certainly useful when traveling. For example about find a cheap accomodation to press the traveling budget.
⇨If we click Vacation then we will read various posts about tourist objects in various areas in Indonesia.
⇨So with Culinary, then we will know the various types of culinary that served in various regions in Indonesia.
⇨There is also Art & Culture that presents various articles, photographs and videos about the art of culture & from various regions in Indonesia.
⇨Want to know the Events that are organized and can be the destination of traveling? certainly presents it.
⇨There are also features that connect website visitors to social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.


After I have browsed, the advantage of this website is presenting articles, photos & videos from the travelers who actually visited the tourism objects he/she wrote & capture them on photos and videos. So it was original. No plagiarism. Moreover, also selected articles, photos & videos submitted to the publication. In addition, the website looks interesting & easily accessible in the condition of a stable internet network. It comes in bilingual (two languages), Indonesian & English is also an added value for certainly beneficial to the wider community in providing original information about various things in Indonesia related to travelling. The Traveller who does not understand Indonesian language can finally get and understand the various information on about the fun of travelling to Indonesia. No wonder if there are many foreign tourists interested and will visit various tourist objects in Indonesia. Then what are you waiting for?  

Let's come visit Indonesia with!

Mia Yunita
Mia Yunita Seorang emak | Lifestyle Blogger | Kontributor Opini | Love to eat, read, pray & jalan-jalan

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  1. Noted. I do like traveling and writing as well. So, this is very nice information so I could traveling and getting money by writing as well, hahaha. Thank you for this info. I will visit the site and register as a contributor. :)